Breakfasts Across the Globe

Breakfasts Across the Globe

They say a healthy, happy life is simply a string of healthy happy days. Many believe that the key to a happy, healthy day is a good breakfast. One could conclude, then, that a good breakfast is fundamental to a healthy, happy life. There is no doubt that in the U.S. we have diverse views on what a good breakfast consists of. For some, it may be pancakes or bacon and eggs. Others may enjoy cereal and juice. For others, a cup of coffee and a Danish gets them going. Not only do we have a wide choice of foods for breakfast in America, that selection gets wider when looking at breakfasts across the planet.


Breakfast in Japan can often include miso soup, fermented soy beans, grilled fish, and steamed rice. It could also include pickled vegetables, dried seaweed, and other vegetables.


Breakfast in Germany may consist of lots of a variety of breads and rolls served with butter, jams, and honey. Germans may also start their day with some thinly sliced meats and cheeses, and perhaps some Leberwurst.


Italian breakfasts frequently include sweets like pastries, cakes, biscuits, and other baked goods served with beverages like juice, coffee, and milk.


Egyptian families often start the day with falafel, eggs, cheese, and pita bread. Falafel in Egypt is often made from fava beans that have been soaked overnight in water. Hummus is often served at the morning meal.


Most Vietnamese foods contain plenty of rice, so it is no surprise that a favored breakfast is Gongeee, or rice porridge. Another favorite, the bahn mi, is a tasty, inexpensive, and portable breakfast sandwich perfect for those in a hurry.


India is highly vegetarian and their breakfast foods reflect that. They include flatbread, thin crepes made of beans, and steamed rice-dough pancakes. Breakfasts also include spiced potatoes and servings of dips and chutneys.

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