Are Trees On Your Property an Asset or a Liability?

Are Trees On Your Property an Asset or a Liability?

When considering a new home, many families will weigh the various positive and negative features of that home and property. If yours is a young family living near schools, it can be a plus. For an older couple, however, it may be undesirable. What about trees?

Trees are often touted romantically in real estate descriptions. Homes along “tree-lined streets” sound appealing, as do “stately, mature trees”. Trees are generally thought to be a positive for homeownership. But for every positive, there can be drawbacks.

Trees Add Beauty

Well-maintained, well-placed trees add an attractive landscaping element to a property. They seem to provide a more natural, welcoming ambiance to a home.

They Create Maintenance Issues

It may seem like trees are maintenance free, but they are not. They need to be trimmed and occasionally shaped, and limbs need to be kept away from homes so they don’t provide a clear path for insects and varmints. Don’t forget about raking, which, depending on the number of trees on a property, can be a significant amount of work.

Trees Can Provide Shade

This valuable shade can make outdoor living more enjoyable, help save on energy costs, and even slightly extend the life of asphalt shingles.

Trees Can Be Dangerous

Older, poorly maintained trees can be particularly problematic. Limbs can snap and fall during high winds, ice storms, and even heavy rain. Severe storms may completely free a tree, especially if the ground has been saturated. If a tree on your property is the tallest point in the area, it could attract lightning. Falling trees and limbs can damage homes, cars, fences, outbuildings, and even bring down power lines.

In spite of some of the more worrisome aspects, trees are environmentally valuable, beautiful, and, when properly maintained, considered an asset in real estate. In fact, real estate professionals say that trees can add anywhere from 3 to 15% to the value of a property.

Trees on a property are also another good reason to make sure your home insurance is sufficient and up-to-date. If it has been longer than you remember since you’ve had a homeowners’ insurance review or even gotten a price quote, our independent home insurance agents can provide assistance. Contact us today to get started.

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