One of the Best Buys in Loss Prevention: Renters Insurance

One of the Best Buys in Loss Prevention: Renters Insurance

Those who rent the space they live in may do so for a variety of reasons. They may appreciate the relatively maintenance-free lifestyle of renting. They may enjoy the affordability renting provides or the fact that they are not tied down for years to a specific location. Another benefit of being a tenant is fewer financial obligations. Tenants don’t have to directly be concerned with expensive repairs, property taxes or homeowners’ insurance. In fact, tenants have the ability to get needed protection through one of the best buys in loss prevention products…renters insurance.

Renters insurance provides big value in protection at generally extremely affordable rates. That is usually good news to budget-minded renters who have better things to do with their money than waste it.

Big Protection

The benefits of renters insurance starts with covering a renter’s personal possessions. These can be considerable. Along with furniture, kitchenware, textbooks, clothing and other personal possessions, renters insurance covers electronics like wide screen TVs, laptops, desktops and smartphones. Should these become damaged or stolen in a theft or covered event, the renter is protected. Please check your policy, as these Items could have certain limits for all items mentioned. Additional coverage can be purchased through most insurance companies.

Coverage is provided under a variety of circumstances. It could be a fire, water damage, storms or even theft. If lightning would damage that big screen TV, your renters insurance policy will likely be there to help. Renters insurance also includes liability protection if a friend, relative or even delivery person were to become injured while visiting.

Another added feature is that many policies will provide protection for renters while on the road. Personal property may be covered while stowed in a car or in a hotel room while traveling. Contact your independent insurance agent for details.

Affordable Protection

While costs will vary depending upon coverage and location, most are pleasantly surprised at how affordable renters insurance can be. In some cases, it may be a dollar a day or less! Setting up payments on auto-pay or bundling renters insurance with automobile insurance may even provide more value.

To get started, contact one of our independent insurance agents for a no-obligation quote. Ask if bundling can save you additionally. No matter why you have decided to rent, get the most from your insurance budget. Take advantage of the value and affordability of renters insurance.  Let us help you get started today!

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