There’s Power in Asking for Help

There’s Power in Asking for Help

If you are a business owner or in upper management, you have probably said these sentences out loud or at least to yourself.

“I can handle this.”

“I’ve got this covered.”

“Don’t worry, I got it.”

We sometimes feel like not only do we have to be leaders, but superheroes as well. There is nothing too difficult or challenging for us.

In the meantime, we may be losing sleep, ruining our health, and putting an unneeded strain on our companies.

Here’s a concept: Ask for help.

You may own or operate a business because you’ve shown talent in a certain area, had a great idea, or are filling a niche. Rarely do people run a business because they can do everything well. In fact, delegation is often a trait of excellent managers and owners.

It can start by simply taking inventory of the people who surround you.


You likely have access to a series of professionals like attorneys, accountants, bookkeepers, marketing experts, tax people, and insurance representatives. If you need help in their area of expertise, ask them. What do they see other companies doing? What aren’t you doing that you should? It may only take the cost of a lunch.

Business Associates

If you don’t have a group of business professionals you can turn to, begin working on it. Local civic groups and business associations can be a good start. The odds are, whatever you are dealing with, they have experienced it. Ask for their advice and help.

Management and Staff

You may already have the help you need on staff, but are unaware of it. Interview your employees every few years to talk about their talents and goals. You may just find a team member who enjoys graphics design, programming, coding, marketing, or a variety of other skills you may be able to tap into.

Asking for help can relieve some pressure and put another person on the project. The next time you are faced with a challenge, don’t just respond with “I’ll handle it.” Instead, ask, “Who can help me with this?”

Operating a successful business takes an uncountable number of decisions each day. When it comes to business insurance, make the right one by contacting one of our independent business insurance professionals. We look forward to serving on your team.

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