Dog Bite Liability Claims: Are You Covered?

Dog Bite Liability Claims: Are You Covered?

Dog bites are a major problem for pet owners and insurance companies. In fact, about a third of all homeowners’ insurance liability claims are due to dog bites. And those claims cost insurers billions of dollars each year.

If you have a dog, it’s important to make sure you have adequate liability coverage in case your dog bites someone. Most homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies do provide some coverage for dog bites, but it’s important to check your policy carefully to see how much coverage you have and what exclusions apply.

In some cases, your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy may not provide enough coverage for a dog bite claim. If that’s the case, you may want to consider purchasing an umbrella liability policy. Umbrella liability policies can provide additional coverage for a variety of risks, including dog bites.

Another option is to purchase a canine liability policy. Canine liability policies are specifically designed to cover dog bite claims. These policies can provide more coverage than your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy, and they may also have fewer exclusions.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have adequate liability coverage for your dog, it’s important to talk to your insurance agent. They can review your policy and help you determine if you need to purchase additional coverage.

Here are some tips for avoiding dog bite liability claims:

  • Keep your dog in a fenced-in area or on a leash when it’s outside.
  • Supervise your dog closely when it’s around other people and animals.
  • Teach your dog basic obedience commands.
  • Take your dog to obedience training classes.
  • Be aware of your dog’s body language and take steps to avoid situations that could lead to a bite.

If your dog does bite someone, it’s important to act quickly. First, attend to the victim’s injuries. Then, call your insurance agent to report the incident. Your agent can help you file a claim and get the victim the medical attention they need.

Dog bite liability claims can be costly, but they’re preventable. By taking steps to avoid dog bites and having adequate liability coverage, you can protect yourself and your family from financial hardship.

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