Why a Home Inspection is So Critical When Buying a Home

Why a Home Inspection is So Critical When Buying a Home

Most states have some form of disclosure laws when purchasing a home. These disclosure laws are designed to protect buyers by making sure they are made aware of certain factors concerning the history of the home. It documents that a seller was up font about certain factors regarding the property. It can provide at least some assurance about the history and condition of the house. It is not designed, however, to be in-depth, complete or even necessarily thorough. This is why buyers are encouraged to contract with a home inspection prior to closing on a home.

A home inspection should provide you with a much better picture as to the condition of the home. A good home inspection will include a roof inspection, electrical and plumbing inspection, and include moisture tests. It should detect if mold may be a problem, foundation issues and if there is any rotting wood. A thorough home inspection will allow the purchaser, if they desire, to attempt to correct these issues before closing on a home.

It is also important because if a home is shown to have a pre-existing condition, pre-existing damages may not be covered under any homeowners’ insurance policy.

There are a few things to keep in mind about a home inspection. First, it can easily pay for itself if an unexpected problem is discovered. Buyers should be aware, however, that not all home inspections are the same. They can range from a visual inspection to a complete mechanical and structural inspection. Prices will also vary as well.

While many states require home inspectors to be certified, this does not mean every inspector is committed to providing a quality inspection. For this, you should read online reviews, seek referrals and ask how the inspection will be conducted. Ask ahead of time what sort of written reports you should expect and try to be present when the inspection is conducted.

A home inspection can provide peace of mind and help ensure your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover everything you intend it to. It is a worthwhile investment.

Getting quality, sufficient homeowners’ insurance at the best possible price is also critical when purchasing a home. Our independent agents can help you do just that. We’ll review your property and your needs and work at finding you the coverage you deserve. If you already have a home and insurance, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide a complete insurance review. Contact us to learn more.

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